SEO& Digital World

SEO& Digital World

Today’s world is getting more & more digitalized every day and we are getting hooked with this digital world. There’re many things this digital world providing us and Search Engine is one of them. Search Engine is our basic need in today’s modern world. If we want to buy something, eat something or if we want to find something, we search for it on Google, yahoo etc. and if we look deeply in this factor, every business is shifting towards online market and wants to make it online presence. Without online presence, you can’t sell your product and Content online.

Thus, to make &expand our business online, we need the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Meaning Of SEO

In simple words, SEO refers to whole process done from creating a website to launch & run it on Search Engine and get more customers through it. SEO help us to make our website, to get analysis of website, make better content, and find related keyword to get on top of search, Create ads. Not only Website, It also helps us on social media marketing and in Optimizing.

These are few points you should know to get knowledge about type of SEO and what SEO usually do:-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO
  4. Local SEO and Mobile Directories
  5. Mobile SEO and App store optimization

Different roles of SEO

So, as we know that, SEO is not only for website. One can also perform it for App stores, App ranking, App results and for social media too. But for a Better ranking and to get your position on top results of search engine, you should make a better content for your website. A better content and User-Friendly website can get more attention and if your website running on bad user-friendly content as for example, If you’re running a cake shop and You’re using tags like coffee etc. so customers will leave your page under 10 second of watching your content. As per result, you can lose your position online. Not only that, you also need a Fast Loading speed for your website.

As per conclusion, without the help of SEO, One can’t make online presence and grow it. So, if you’re running your business or content online then you should need SEO to grow and expand your content and business and get digitalized.

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