WavPack Nero plugin

his plugin allows you to use WavPack files with the popular CD-burning program Nero Burning ROM. It allows you to burn audio files directly to CDs without having to unpack them to intermediate wave files, and you can also use WavPack files as the "source" file for transcoding operations. Any tags (either ID3v1 or APEv2) appended to the WavPack files will be processed and loaded into Nero.

Writing WavPack files (with complete APEv2 tags) is also supported by the plugin. However, there is currently no configuration dialog, so only pure lossless files in the default mode can be created.

Nero version or later is required to use this plugin. To install the plugin, simply copy (or extract) the file "nxWavPack.dll" into the standard directory for Nero audio plugins. In Nero 6 this is located at "program filesCommon FilesAheadAudioPlugins".

All WavPack files can be read with the plugin except "raw" files created by WavPack versions prior to 4.0, and any "correction" files are always automatically used if found.