RadLight APE DirectShow Filter v1.0.0.4

RadLight APE DirectShow Filter allows all DirectShow players to play Monkey's Audio (APE) encoded files.
Monkey's Audio files provide perfect 1:1 copies of original audio source and do not lose quality in conversion process unlike traditional audio files such as mp3 and ogg. However, Monkey's Audio does compress the files and therefore saves a lot of space.
The files can also be decompressed to original files without loss of quality.

RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter v1.0.0.4

RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter lets user play MPC (MusePack) encoded files in any DirectShow based player, such as RadLight.
MusePack files are designed to compress files as much as possible without losing quality. It is not entirely lossless, but hardly any difference can be heard.
It is an improved version of the MPEG-1 Layer-2 / MP2 algorithms, which it is based on.