LEAD H.264 Video Codec

LEAD H.264 Codec is a state of the art DirectShow filter for compressing and decompressing video data using H.264/AVC standard (ISO/IEC 14496-10). H.264 is the latest and most advanced video standard developed jointly by ITU and MPEG. H.264/AVC provides a far more efficient algorithm for compressing video than any other compression method available. It typically outperforms all existing standards by a factor of three to four especially in comparison to MPEG-2. For more information about LEAD H.264 Video Codecs visit our online help files for LEAD H.264 Standard Video Encoder and LEAD H.264 Video Decoder.

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LEAD H.264 Video Codec-является DirectShow фильтром используя стандарт H.264/AVC-наиболее эфективный стандарт видео сжатия.

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