DivX 7 Playback Preview

DivX Player has been extensively upgraded in preparation for some of the exciting new features that will be released with DivX 7 for Windows! Some of the major

changes include:
- High-performance H.264 video decoding with support for Baseline, Main, High, High 10, and High 4:2:2 profiles, full interlace support, multithreaded decoding on up to 8 CPU cores and optimizations for MMX, SSE and SSE2 instruction sets.
- Multichannel AAC (LC/HE) decoding
- Support for MKV files including:
Multiple audio tracks for multilingual audio, directors commentary or isolated musical scores
Multiple subtitle tracks for multilingual subtitles
Ordered chapters for chaining MKV files together during playback
- Initial support for SSA and ASS subtitles which can either be stored within the MKV file or externally
- Fast frame-accurate seeking
- Real-time handling of interlaced H.264 video:
Bob de-interlace
Display top field only
Display bottom field only
Display weave

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