WavPack Apollo plugin

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This plugin allows you to play WavPack files in the Apollo audio player for Windows. All versions of WavPack files are supported (back to 1.00) and both lossless and lossy modes are playable (and seekable). Files encoded in "raw" mode prior to version 4.0 will not play.

This version of the plugin supports reading both ID3v1 and APEv2 tags. If either of these tags are present on the .wv file, the artist and title will appear in the Apollo playlist and additional info will show in the additional information dialog.

The plugin can use the .wvc files (if present) to enable lossless playback of hybrid files. However, because this requires more CPU processing and disk seeking (or network bandwidth), a configuration setting exists to enable this only if desired.

ReplayGain is now supported through the APEv2 tags, although the ReplayGain information must be calculated and stored in the tags by another application (Foobar2000 is a good one). The configuration allows the choice of ReplayGain mode (disabled, track or album mode) and a choice of action in the case where a track (or album) will clip after the ReplayGain is applied. The choices are to simply hard clip the samples, to apply "soft clipping" that rounds the clipped waveforms, and a third option to scale down the track beforehand so that it will not clip. The current gain and whether soft clipping is active is shown as additional information.

To install the plugin simply copy (or extract) the file "WavPack_Apollo.dll" into the standard Apollo plug-ins directory (usually located at: "program filesapolloplug-ins").

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