Avid Quicktime Codecs LE 2.7.3

Avid Quicktime Codecs LE 2.7.3

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Avid Codecs LE for QuickTime allow QuickTime movies using Avid codecs to be used on systems without Media Composer or NewsCutter installed

- AvidAV1xCodec.qtx: Avid 1:1x codec (Uncompressed MXF 8-bit)
- AvidAVd1Codec.qtx: Avid DV 100 codec (MXF)
- AvidAVdnCodec.qtx: Avid DNxHD codec (MXF)
- AvidAVdvCodec.qtx: Avid DV codec(DV 25 and DV 50, OMF and MXF)
- AvidAVpkCodec.qtx: Avid Packed codec (Uncompressed MXF 10-bit)
- AvidQTAVJICodec.qtx: Avid Meridien Compressed codec (OMF 8-bit)
- AvidQTAVUICodec.qtx: Avid Meridien Uncompressed codec (OMF 8-bit)

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